Wednesday, March 09, 2005

commenting crisis

My last post generated so much response (43 comments!). The only problem is that all responses are from poor David, who tried to leave one comment and for some strange reason his comment ended up multiplying. I tried to delete them, but it takes for ever to go through them one by one. I think I may have to do what I did for my Farsi blog, which is to use another service. This means that comments from previous points will not show. But, I think I need to have a user-friendly commenting system here.
To David, I am sorry that you were the one who had to experience the bug in my system. I have responded to your comments- all 43 of them ;-) - via email.
It is very sunny and nice outside. A friend of mine came to visit from Los Angeles and was staying with me this weekend. I think she brought the sun and left it here. It is such a shame to stay indoors working when it is so beautiful outside.
In any case, it seems like Iran does not appear as much in the news these days. I think this may be related to a "classified" report that an intelligence panel is supposed to submit to Bush at the end of March. I have to admit, I am scared of what might come out of this manufactured report. But, let's hope for the best.


The sidebar image is taken from Mahmoud Pakzad's "Old Tehran", Did Publishers, 1994. Thanks to Jahanshah Javid (www.iranian.com) for sharing it.

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