Sunday, May 29, 2005

schooling bebe

SFSU alumni and bebe founders, Manny and Neda Mashouf, gave $10,000,000 to SFSU. This is the largest individual gift SFSU has ever received. This is great news. God bless'em. But I am thinking since so many of bebe's ads use women's bodies, why isn't some of the money going to Women Studies, heh? Pay up people!

By the way, the oral exam is over. I passed, had a cake, followed the whole ritual with chelo-kabob, and am recovering from the trauma of the exam. I have to revise the proposal a bit (a lot!), in the next three weeks... So not absolute freedom (if there is such a thing) yet.

Ma meereem beh madreseh baa bebe-funded shoe-he-e-e-e-e-e-e......


The sidebar image is taken from Mahmoud Pakzad's "Old Tehran", Did Publishers, 1994. Thanks to Jahanshah Javid (www.iranian.com) for sharing it.

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