Saturday, March 12, 2005

March 19th

As we approach March 19th, the 2nd anniversary of the attack on Iraq, I am going to post the events where Iranians will gather to participate in anti-war demonstartions.
Here is one:

Dear friends,
March 19th 2005, marks the 2nd anniversary of the military occupation of Iraq by the United States. In finding a united voice against this bloody occupation and the aggressive course of actions voiced by the Bush administration against Iran and the Middle East, ANSWER Coalition has organized a day of protest on Saturday, March 19th.
As Iranians living in the US in these troubled times, this march presents us with an opportunity to come together as a community to form an Iranian contingent with a united voice against war and military occupation.
Join the Iranian contingent by locating the following banners at Dolores Park (18th and Dolores, San Francisco)
Iranians Against Military Intervention And Occupation
U.S. out of the Middle East!
No to U.S. Aggression Against!
Iran's National Sovereignty!
No To Theocracy In Iran!
Date: March 19th 2005
Place: Dolores Park, San FranciscoTime: 11 am
Sent by-- Enayat Katouli


The sidebar image is taken from Mahmoud Pakzad's "Old Tehran", Did Publishers, 1994. Thanks to Jahanshah Javid (www.iranian.com) for sharing it.

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