Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ervand Abrahamian on War

Here is Ervand Abrahamian's take on war. Abrahamian is one of the prolific historians of modern Iran and many people know him for his book of social history, Iran Between Two Revolutions.
I am overwhelmed with everything I need to do and that is why I am being lazy and just giving a link to this article.
oh, and another link: As'ad Abu-Khalil, is speaking in the Antiwar Forum at UC Berkeley tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 3rd, at 8 PM. The event will take place in 126 Barrows, UC Berkeley. If you haven't seen his blog, Angry Arab, you may want to give him a visit.
This is starting to feel like I am hosting a bulletin board!


The sidebar image is taken from Mahmoud Pakzad's "Old Tehran", Did Publishers, 1994. Thanks to Jahanshah Javid (www.iranian.com) for sharing it.

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