Thursday, February 03, 2005

Important matters

Not feeling too well does not help when one has so much to do. I wanted to go to As'ad Abu Khalil's talk, but by the time I got back to Berkeley from Palo Alto (a commute that is not very pleasant during the rush-hour traffic!) I was too tired to focus.
But I could not skip this post, as I cannot believe that I have not given a link to a very important group-blog yet. No War on Iran started its activity a couple of days ago. Alireza Doostdar, Niki Akhavan, Daryoush Mohammad Poor, and I are writing our thoughts about war on this group-blog. Alireza is an extremely bright person who came up with the idea of this blog and has done a great job with setting it up.
I wrote about Iranians for Peace on February 1st. Soon after it was launched, a lot of people started posting their articles and photography on this great group-blog. I am so impressed by the team-work of the members of both blogs. It gives me hope to see the dedication of these young Iranians.
Another important matter: A very dear friend of mine has asked me to put this call for help on my blog. One of her friends (T), was diagnosed by cancer and needs to have an operation. Here is the text of the email that another one of T's friends, Farshid, has written:
Over the years our Iranian community in the Bay Area has gotteninvolved with many good causes. We have helped many in need -- fromearthquake, tsunami, and poverty victims to individuals fighting withdiseases, all around the world.This time we have one of our very own who is in dire need of help. A32 year old, Bay Area professional Persian female, a kind andgenerous soul who always helps others unselfishly, and an old dearfriend to me personally, is now fighting an advanced thyroid cancerwhich has dangerously spread in her body. She has a 4 cm tumor inher neck that must be removed immediately by means of a complexsurgery in Stanford Hospital.Unfortunately she does not have proper medical coverage for theoperation, the cost of which is estimated to be $150,000. She is indesparate and immediate need of funds so that she can proceed withthe operation.We have an opportunity to help her get her life back. I am writingto ask for your help in this matter. I hope you will all join me inhelping her out. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. And Iam certain that your good deed will be returned to you before long.
If you like to get more info and details about this, you may contact one of the following people: Jamileh Mokhlesi, to_jamm@yahoo.com
Farshid Ketabchi, farshidk@yahoo.com
Thank you,
I hope T feels better soon.


The sidebar image is taken from Mahmoud Pakzad's "Old Tehran", Did Publishers, 1994. Thanks to Jahanshah Javid (www.iranian.com) for sharing it.

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